Aston Unveils Limited Edition DBS 59

It’s not often a car comes along that you take one look at and within approximately 0.64 seconds you fall madly in love, but this ladies and gentlemen is one of those cars and one of those moments. This disgustingly beautiful creation is the DBS 59 and my word could someone please grab me the paper towels!

The limited edition Superleggera was built to commemorate Astons famous 1-2 victory at the Le Mans 24hr in 1959 with its DBR1 race car. The company’s ‘Q’ division have had their mitts all over it and the result is simply perfection. Unfortunately nothing has changed in regards to the cars performance. You still get the same 5.2 litre twin turbo in the front that is fitted in the normal Superleggera which pumps out a rather modest 715 horsepower and 663 foot pounds of torque which is more than enough to have fun with.

But its the aesthetic touches that make this a limited edition. To start with the car is finished in Aston Martin Racing Green and has an offset glossy carbon fibre roof. The detailing on the outside has all been done in bronze which also perfectly contrasts to the green and is a nod to the DBR1’s bronze switchgear. The front grille, bonnet badge, brake callipers and the 21 inch two tone alloy wheels all adopt this bronze. As does the manufacturer badge on the rear and the aeroblade rear spoiler has foil numbering that denote the cars shape, engine and chassis numbers.

Once you finally stopped admiring it from the outside and decide to open the door you will be met with yet more limited edition goodness and more bronze touches. The leather seats have been finished in Obsidian and Chestnut Tan and feature and embroidered ’59 Edition’ logo in the centre. The shift paddles have been finished in, you guessed it, bronze and you also get embroidered sun visors. Should you be blinded by the great ball in the sky simply flip down the visor and you will be greeted with the date of the 1959 Le Mans 24hr and the number 323. The number of laps that the DBR1 completed on its way to victory. A great excuse should you end up wrapping your limited edition Aston around a tree. “Sorry Mr Officer, I was reading my sun visor” Excuse me now?

If all that wasn’t enough you’ll also be treated with a replica retro style racing helmet and replicas of Carroll Shelby’s racing gloves which I’m sure you’ll be tempted to wear but for fear of being mocked will probably end up on display in your house somewhere. Probably in the spare room because that’s the only room your partner will let you display your car things!

Only 24 of these bad boys are being produced so if you want one you better get in quick and you better have some dosh with you. The standard Superleggera started at just under £240,000 so God only knows what one of these will set you back. I think I’ll just stick to the poster on the wall for this one. Which no doubt will have to go in my spare room.

Images from Aston Martin