BMW’s Ultra Luxury SUV

Meet BMW’s take on the large expensive SUV which is ever expanding, it’s based loosely on the 7 series so can expect the best in BMW’s luxury class featuring the best technology and the best engineering BMW has to offer. at almost 17 feet long and 6 and a half feet wide its an absolute beast, like one of Daenery’s dragons! I apologise I had to throw a Game Of Thrones analogy in there season 8 is here after all.

Back to the BMW and as it’s based on the 7 series it has the same huge cockpit display, the same central screen yeah pretty much the same interior too, but it can be a 7 seater if you option it although your passengers will be more comfortable as a 4 seat configuration with a mini fridge between them. It even comes with the digital key although most new BMW’s can be optioned with it now.

The engines on offer are similar to the 7 series so there’s an x40i petrol version 3.0litre straight 6, two 3.0litre diesel engines 30d and M50d and all feature an 8 speed automatic as standard although the M50d features a sportier setup. Now we do have to address the elephant in the room! the looks, those huge big kidney grills make it look too snouty like a rhino and would you say their good looking? no! the rear is not bad, but it is sort of like the Rolls Royce Cullinan it may not be the best looking but you still know they’re going to sell well, and this probably will so the big question is how does it drive? is it like a proper BMW? we’ll just have to find out. oh as for the price well ultra-luxury SUV, expect ultra-luxury price tag too starting at £72,195 and if you will be spending over £100,000 for the M50d version!