Crazy Motors: Manhart MHZ4 600

In the world of engine tune ups and modified cars, engine swapping is not an uncommon thing to do. There’s thousands of examples of little Fiat 500’s getting their chassis’ bent by a Hayabusa engine or old rundown Volvo estates being rushed along by a mighty Toyota 2JZ. Even in the drifting community it is a very common practice to swap engines into different cars, but for your everyday road car, it’s not so common. Well, until German tuning company Manhart came along, of course.

Looking back on the company’s history, you become confident that the crew at Manhart sure know what they’re doing. For the last three decades, the company have specialised in swapping engines and transmissions from examples such as the E60 M5 into smaller editions such as the E92 M3. They’re the Jekyll and Hyde of the BMW world so to speak. Sounds crazy right? Not as crazy as what they done to your standard, run of the mill BMW Z4.

The first generation BMW Z4’s were always an awesome looking car. A small, punchy terrier of a convertible designed to be nothing but fun on an open road during a blistering day. Some would suggest, even with the various M versions released that they were quick enough, right? Wrong! Well, at least that’s what the boffins at Manhart were shouting. I can even hear Clarkson’s loud bellowing in the back of my head.

So what did they do? Well, somehow they managed to take that huge 5.0 litre V10 brute of an engine from an E60 M5 and squeeze it into this little convertible, and if that’s not all they even increased the brake horsepower from the standard 503 to a staggering 590. 590 bhp in a Z4? How do you even comprehend that?

There was even a limited edition version of the car which seen a 5.8 litre engine producing a dizzying 621 bhp. Manhart also took the time to give the car upgraded suspension, brakes and gearbox in an attempt to stop the car from throwing it’s engine at passers-by like Clarkson’s Maserati Marak did to James May all those years ago.

Have the stick to put the foot down and be sure that this car, named the MHZ4 will empty your bowels to no degree and cure whatever constipation you may be suffering from. This is by far one of the craziest engine swaps I have seen and after a quick glance at the Manhart website, it’s one of only several monster engine swaps they’ve transplanted into unsuspecting BMW’s. With Manhart also releasing the latest edition of their MHZ4 on Facebook the other day, they’re definitely showing no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

Photo Credit: Top Gear.