The Triple Crown: How Fernando Alonso Could Make History

The Triple crown is one of the most prestigious un-official Motorsport titles in the world. In order for a driver to complete the triple crown, they must win the Monaco Grand Prix, Le Mans 24 hours and the Indy 500. Many have tried but only 1 driver, Graham Hill has completed it.

Later this month, Fernando Alonso will attempt to become the second driver to complete the triple crown, as he takes part in the 103rd running of the Indy 500. Alonso has already won the Monaco Grand Prix twice and the Le Mans 24 hours once, leaving the Brickyard as the last piece of the puzzle. There is a second definition of the triple crown, which replaces the Monaco Grand Prix with the F1 championship, which Alonso has also won twice. By getting to this point, Alonso joins a list of just 12 drivers to have won 2 of the 3 events, joining names such as Mario Andretti, Bruce McLaren and Jim Clark.

That being said, Alonso’s comments of late have become quite interesting. Earlier this month, the Spaniard announced he would be leaving the World Endurance Championship at the end of this season. His final event will be his second 24 hours of Le Mans in June. However, Alonso has said that winning the WEC title is more important than winning the French race. After victory in Spa and Sebring, Alonso and his Toyota Team mates are now just 7 points away from claiming that title. That means they need to finish 7th or higher in the great race. If Alonso manages to win the title, he will become the first driver to win world titles in both single seater and endurance disciplines.

So, with Alonso leaving the WEC after Le Mans and is best shot yet at the Indy 500, whats next after Indy? Clearly, he has a plan, as reports say that Fernando has an idea of what he will be doing, but is remaining tight lipped on his ‘special project’ until the deal is done. Talking to Spain’s SoyMotor, he said “I’m a strategist of course, I have an idea in my head, a project, but until everything is finalised, everything is talked through, I prefer to continue to be quiet about it.”

There are multiple ideas of what this project could be. A full Indycar campaign with Mclaren, a run at the Dakar Rally with Toyota, a return to Formula 1 or maybe something totally different. One, admittedly far fetched idea, could be a venture into the World Touring Car Cup. Stick with me here, if Alonso can seal the World Endurance championship, he will have won titles in two of the 3 main disciplines of circuit racing. A full campaign in the top level of Tin Top competition, maybe in a Spanish built Cupra? It’s a long shot, but it would be interesting to see. That being said, rumors suggest that the decision on where Alonso will be in 2020, will be taken in July.

For now though, Alonso is focusing his efforts on the Indy 500 which takes place on May 26th, just 3 weeks before his second visit to the 24 hours of Le Mans. After his performance in 2017, there is a good chance that Alonso will write himself into history this time around.

Words: @WA10Tom
Image: Autosport